New Fortnite Rift Beacons activate ahead of v10.30 Update - Dexerto

New Fortnite Rift Beacons activate ahead of v10.30 Update

Published: 10/Sep/2019 8:11 Updated: 10/Sep/2019 8:44

by Matt Porter


Two new Fortnite Rift Beacons have activated on the island, with major map changes set to hit the game with the release of the v10.30 Update.

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Throughout Season 10, Fortnite fans have noticed these metal contraptions appearing across the map, popping up at popular locations like Dusty Divot and Neo Tilted, and activating just days before the areas received major revamps.

Now, two more of the mechanical contraptions have come online, possibly bringing back some fan-favorite locations in the process.

Epic GamesGreasy Grove is set to make a triumphant return to Fortnite.
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On Monday, September 9, Rift Beacons which had been transported from Dusty Divot came online, with two massive beams shooting into the sky at Paradise Palms and Greasy Grove.


It seems that Moisty Mire, the legendary swamp area which dominated the south-east corner of the map throughout the game’s early seasons will make its triumphant return, with Paradise Palms set to disappear, despite it being one of the most active drop points in the popular battle royale title.

Those who are tired of the ice and snow are also set to be pleasantly surprised by the changes too, with Polar Peak set to thaw and Greasy Grove, home of the legendary restaurant and a number of houses, set to emerge.

Epic GamesParadise Palms is heading away thanks to Rift Beacons.
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With the Rift Beacons now active, it’s safe to assume that these changes are only days away, but when they will actually take place remains to be seen, as the update which would bring those locations back to the map has seemingly been delayed.


It was widely expected that Epic Games would launch the v10.30 Update on Tuesday, September 10, but the developers remained silent on social media so far, and with no announcement of the patch available yet, it appears that September 11 or 12 will be the more likely days for these two classic points-of-interest to reemerge.