Mysterious 'Butterfly' event coming to Fortnite - Data miners leak audio files, meshes and more - Dexerto

Mysterious ‘Butterfly’ event coming to Fortnite – Data miners leak audio files, meshes and more

Published: 1/Nov/2018 9:46 Updated: 1/Nov/2018 11:07

by Ross Deason


New audio files relating to some sort of ‘Butterfly’ event in Fortnite Battle Royale have been leaked by data miners, but what the sounds are is anybody’s guess.

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The v6.21 update for Fortnite went live on November 1 and data miners have been hard at work ever since, leaking new skins, cosmetics and more from the patch files.

One leak that has left everyone scratching their heads, though, is the ‘Butterfly’ event audio file shared by @siloxleaks on Twitter.

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The data miner has described the sounds as “weird,” even suggesting that there were: “A lot of rocket sounding noises,” but we’ll leave you to make your own conclusions:


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To us, some sections of the audio sound fairly inoffensive, while others actually remind us of the noises you’d expect to hear from a dragon or monster of the same calibre. Perhaps a Cube Dragon is on the horizon and the name ‘Butterfly’ is simply Epic’s way of joking about it!

To add to the confusion, @siloxleaks found another ‘Butterfly’ file within a ‘Pets’ folder elsewhere in the patch files. Are the two related or are the developers intentionally keeping us guessing?

Butterfly-related leaks continued, with @gambitanimating sharing a more detailed image for the ‘Butterfly Character Flipbook’ on Twitter.


The same user even discovered a number of Butterfly meshes, and @siloxleaks found a Butterfly Background in the Nexus files.

“So theory now: the butterfly flipbook I just posted about is used in this mesh for butterflies, and it’s a bunch of small particles pretty much using this texture, maybe each butterfly will be made out of like a random character and it’ll be a bunch of characters not a butterfly,” mused @gambitanimating.

“What I believe will happen during the ‘Butterfly’ event is the cube will start to crack and fragment, then it will split and a small butterfly will fly out and the happy music will play, then some sort of map altering event will happen creating the new island,” said @siloxleaks.


What on earth will this Butterfly event end up being, and will it end up being related to the cube? Let us know what you think!