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Mysterious Bolts of Lightning are Striking Down from the Sky Rifts in Fortnite

Published: 23/Aug/2018 22:40 Updated: 23/Aug/2018 22:41

by Albert Petrosyan


More oddities are beginning to appear in Fortnite Battle Royale after the recent v5.30 Update.

The latest unusual activity on the map are random bolts of pink/purple lightning that are coming from the Rifts in the sky and striking the ground.

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Players began reporting seeing the lightning some time after the launch of the v5.30 Update on August 23.

Footage of these lightning strikes have been posted on social media, including the following video taken in the desert area near Paradise Palms, courtesy of ‘@LootLakeBR.’

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These lightning strikes appear to be taking place at totally random times and at random locations on the map. 


While there is no evidence that they cause any damage to players, the bolts are leaving black burn marks on the ground where they strike. 

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While the lightning seems to be random, it appears that attempting to destroy the Motel Sign with a pickaxe does cause a bolt to appear from a nearby rift and strike down at the sign.

Footage of this occurrence can be seen below, courtesy of ‘FortniteINTEL.’

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This is not the first time in Fortnite that things have come down from the sky to strike the ground. During the last days of Season 3, meteors would consistently rain down from the sky and crash into the map at various locations.


While the end of Season 5 is not yet near, this could be some sort of foreshadowing or a hint at what players can look forward to next Season.