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More ATK Stunts Appear as a Player Performs a Complete Loop in Fortnite

Published: 16/Jul/2018 22:38 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:07

by Vincent Genova


The All Terrain Kart in Fortnite is capable of wild stunts and someone built a loop ramp to further test its capabilities.

Reddit user GoobyTheRaccoon posted a video of the stunt, claiming to be the first person to successfully do a loop in the ATK.

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Much like previous videos, the ATK must be drifting in order to get a boost that allows it to perform these stunts.

[Repost] First successful loop with the new vehicle?! from r/FortNiteBR

Instead of trying a trick on Fortnite’s natural terrain, GoobyTheRacoon had to spend a significant amount of time gathering resources and building the loop ramp for the stunt, all while avoiding enemy players.


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The ATK was released at the launch of Season 5 and quickly became a fan favorite, offering a new way for squads to travel quickly around the map.

The roof of the All Terrain Kart also has similar functionality to a bounce pad, though some are upset it was not properly detailed.

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The Kart was previously spotted climbing up a vertical cliff face, which may have given GoobyTheRacoon the idea to get it through a loop.

If you want to try out these stunts for yourself, check out our guide on all the locations you can find the All Terrain Kart.