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List of Fortnite bugs and issues expected to be fixed in upcoming v6.10 update

Published: 15/Oct/2018 23:14

by Albert Petrosyan


Epic Games have disclosed a list of the bugs currently in Fortnite Battle Royale that are expected to be fixed in the upcoming v6.10 update.

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Three bugs have been specially marked as ‘fixed in next release’ on the Fortnite community Trello page, which is where all of the top user-reported issues are displayed.

This means that the fixes for these three bugs have been discovered, and will likely be implemented into the game once the next patch goes live.

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  • Unrendered Starter Island may appear during the loading screen – While loading in, players may notice an unrendered version of the Starter Island appear for a short time, then be replaced with the loading screen again until the map fully renders.
  • Audio for player eliminations is the same audio used for rotating structures – When a player is eliminated the audio used matches the audio used for rotating structures while in build mode. This can cause “strange” sounds to be heard when multiple players are being eliminated.

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  • Floating Island appears in the wrong location on mini-map – The floating island is not appearing in the correct location on the minimap.

The fixes will be implemented via the v6.10 update, which goes live on October 16 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 8 AM BT. For more details about the update, and what else to expect in it, visit our information article here.


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In addition to the three bugs mentioned above, there are eight other glitches and issues that are currently in the game and have been officially acknowledged by Epic.

The Trello page suggests that fixes for the two bugs are in the works, and will be released in a future update, while the developers are still monitoring the six other issues in their efforts to find and develop fixes. 

Bugs to be fixed in future release

  • Occasional audio “pops” on Xbox and PC
  • Items no longer float on water at Loot Lake.

Bugs still under investigation / fixes in development

  • Crosshairs blocked for certain Outfits while aiming.
  • Increase in server and client hitches on Xbox & PC.
  • No audio when swapping items in inventory.
  • Player models in Replays may get stuck with Shadow Stone effects.
  • No slow motion after getting a Victory Royale
  • Music for certain emotes not playing.
    • The Worm
    • Dance Moves
    • Drop the Bass
    • Default

Source – Fortnite Trello