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Leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics found in the V6.10 update files – Names and Rarities

Published: 16/Oct/2018 8:51 Updated: 16/Oct/2018 9:58

by Ross Deason


It never takes long for data miners to begin leaking content after a new Fortnite update, and this was once again the case for the October 16 V6.10 patch.

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The latest update was a significant one, introducing an all-new vehicle, called the Quadcrasher, and adding an ‘Events’ tab for in-game tournaments and competitions.

The patch also vaulted the Port-a-Fortress and changed the drop rate of the Port-a-Fort, but fans will be more interested to see the leaked skins and cosmetics that the well known data mining account known as @TwoEpicBuddies has released.

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The leak doesn’t include as many outfits as previous ones have, but they all promise to be popular with gamers. There are also some cool new pickaxes, gliders, and shields, most of which seem to fit in with one of the skins:


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Arachne (Legendary)

Weave a web to victory

Spider Knight (Legendary)
They’ll fall into your web

Guan Yu (Epic)
Loyalty and bravery at all times

Onesie (Rare)
Smash that snooze button

Moonrise (Epic)
Strike at midnight

Web Breaker (Rare)
Clear out the cobwebs

Guandao (Rare)
Sharpened for battle

Along came a glider

Divine Dragon
Sail through the clouds, and row toward victory

Long Legs
Stretch your legs

Spider Shield
Spun from the endless strands

Loyal Shield
Dependable as always

As always, these leaks are not confirmed by Epic Games but everything shown in the image is likely to be available for purchase from the item shop in the coming weeks.


You can find out more about the V6.10 update and everything that it changed by visiting our patch notes article here.