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Is Tfue cheating in Fortnite? Zayt accuses pros of using macros

Published: 10/Jun/2020 3:02

by Andrew Amos


Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is arguably the biggest Fortnite streamer on Twitch, but is he legit? According to Williams ‘Zayt’ Aubin, he’s not, with the NRG pro accusing the former FaZe star of using “macros” to cheat in the battle royale.

Tfue is one of Fortnite’s biggest stars, not just in streaming but in esports. He rakes in tens of thousands of viewers daily on Twitch, and has participated in some of the game’s biggest esports events.

However, his legitimacy has been called into question by one pro in particular ⁠— Zayt. The NRG star has claimed that Tfue is cheating in Fortnite, using macros to gain an advantage over opponents against the FNCS rules.


Twitch: Epic Games
Tfue is the face of Fortnite on Twitch, and has appeared on stage at the Fortnite World Cup.

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In a now deleted tweet from June 8, Zayt claimed that he was going to “expose all the pros that use double movement macros.” These binds allow keyboard and mouse players to move just like you are on a controller, sprinting in one direction while looking in the other.

While this is achievable with remapping your settings to have a secondary movement option for strafing left and right, some players opt to use macros to make it a bit easier. In the pro scene however, this is outright banned, as using macros are against the FNCS rules.

Under section 8.2.1 of the Fortnite competitive ruleset, “any form of unfair play is prohibited…including using macro keys or similar methods to automate in-game actions.”


Twitter: Zayt
Zayt’s tweet accusing six Fortnite pros, including Tfue, of using macros has since been deleted.

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Zayt called out six Fortnite pros, and while he eventually turned around and rescinded his accusations against five of them, he laid down the law on Tfue. The NRG player claimed he has proof of Tfue using binds, but is yet to release it publicly.

“Tfue is [using binds] and will never get banned because he’s the biggest streamer,” the star reiterated on June 9 on Twitter. This tweet has also been deleted.

In a statement to Fortnite Intel, he said that “there’s zero evidence of anyone [cheating] except Tfue currently.”

Twitter: Zayt
Zayt doubled down on accusing Tfue of cheating.

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Tfue is yet to respond to these claims made by Zayt, and he should always be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. He has been accused of cheating in the past, but all of these accusations have been shot down.


He has also been outspoken about cheaters in the past, condemning players who have teamed up or used other advantages during FNCS events. We will update you with more information as it arises.