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How to watch Fortnite Mech vs Monster in-game event – schedule, locations, streams and more

Published: 20/Jul/2019 10:23 Updated: 20/Jul/2019 17:03

by Marcus Banks


After weeks of speculation, easter eggs and various clues around the map, Fortnite fans will finally have all the answers soon, with the long-awaited Cattus vs Doggus (or Mech vs Monster) event just around the corner.

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What is the Mech vs Monster event?

At the end of Season 8, the giant volcano erupted, sending molten rocks towards Polar Peak which ultimately broke the iceberg and unleashed a monster, later dubbed Cattus, hidden inside. The monster’s full form is yet to be revealed, however, it has been spotted swimming around the Fortnite map on various occasions.

Seemingly in response to the danger the monster posed, construction on a giant robot began at Pressure Plant, then called Doggus, presumably to battle the creature somewhere on the Fortnite landscape. The robot’s final form was eventually revealed with various countdowns appearing on the map, signaling when the battle will commence.


EPIC GAMESThe monster under Polar Peak is yet to be seen in full.
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When is the Mech vs Monster event?

The event will take place on Saturday, July 20, kicking off at exactly 2 PM ET / 11 PM PT / 7 PM BST.

Epic Games confirmed the time on the various countdowns that appeared over all of the sky platforms scattered around the Fortnite landscape.

Like the majority of their recent in-game events, it’s highly likely that players will be forced into a new playlist to watch the battle go down, in order to avoid being eliminated and missing the action.

Epic GamesCountdowns appeared over the various sky platforms.
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Where will it happen?

The exact location for the event is unknown, but given the scale of the robot, the fight would be visible from anywhere on the map.


With all the countdowns appearing over the sky platforms, leakers have suggested the players may be forced to watch the action from above.

EPIC GAMESPlayers could be forced to watch the duel from above.
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Fortnite disable Creative and Playground islands

With the event edging closer and closer, Fortnite have disabled access to the main battle royale island in both Creative and Playground as they prepare for the battle to commence.

Players will still be able to access their own Creative islands for the time being as well as the regular modes, but it’s likely that all game modes will be restricted shortly before the start time.

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Epic Creative Director hints at “destruction”

The Cattus monster isn’t the only one dropping hints as to what is to come, with Epic Games Creative Director – Donald Mustard – keeping fans on the edge of their seats by updating his location on Twitter regularly.


Mustard has tweeted from the perspective of the monster, with his latest update seemingly confirming that destruction is on the way. 

His bio now reads “…I will consume and destroy.” hinting that Cattus will let nothing stand in his way of defeating Doggus. 

How can I watch?

If you aren’t able to jump out the Battlebus and experience the event for yourself, many of top streamers on the various platforms should be broadcasting the event for their viewers.

You can watch the action below on via Nick Eh 30’s YouTube livestream.

What else can we expect?

With Fortnite Season 10 just around the corner, the event could tie directly into the theme of the new season, depending on how much damage is caused on the map.


Various landing spots could be caught in the crossfire and the map changes could be linked to the new season which officially kicks off on August 1.

With the Fortnite World Cup also edging closer, fans of the competitive scene will be hoping nothing too drastic happens, just days before the biggest tournament in the game’s history.

Last updated: Saturday, 20 July at 10:27 EST