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How to Perfect the 90-Degree Building Turn in Fortnite

Published: 11/Sep/2018 21:54 Updated: 11/Sep/2018 22:04

by Bill Cooney


Building — it is an essential aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale and every Fortnite player needs to be able to do it well if they want to try and increase their win percentage. 

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In order to help players with building, Popular Youtuber Beaks recently uploaded a video on how to perfect a very useful techniques – building the 90 Degree Turn.

“I’m going to assume a lot of you watching right now probably already have this perfected. That’s great, but I highly recommend trying some of these other variations,” Beaks said.

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“When I say perfected, my definition of a perfect 90-degree turn is basically being able to go four levels high at a full sprint and having your sprint carry over after a fourth jump,” Beaks explained in the video.


The first technique Beaks shows off is a pretty simple strategy that allows the player to run constantly while building.

The next technique is similar to the first, but involves the player jumping through their own construction. A little more difficult to be sure, but one that can make a player’s turns tighter.

“Keeping your turns tighter allows you to not hug the wall too much, so if you ever misplace a wall you won’t go flying off,” he explains.

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Beaks goes through a number of other 90 Degree Turn variations throughout the video, ranging in difficulty from something the average Fortnite player could master, to one used mostly by professional Fortnite players.


No matter what style players prefer, the 90 Degree Turn technique is quickly becoming a must-know to be successful in Fortnite.