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How to look through walls on Fortnite without being exposed

Published: 8/Oct/2018 16:01 Updated: 8/Oct/2018 16:35

by Bill Cooney


Line of sight is critical in Fortnite, and a new Youtube video by streamer Marcos Gonzalez demonstrates a technique that allows players to look through their own constructions.

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The video begins with Gonzalez explaining that this method looking through walls isn’t new or recently added, “I think a few people know about it, but I think the awareness isn’t high enough.”

Standing in a one-square structure he constructed with his right shoulder on the wall, Gonzalez moves his camera into the wall and is able to clip about 1/3 through, providing a clear view to the outside.


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This camera-clipping method is superior to the current meta because players aren’t editing their structure, Gonzalez explains in the video, “I’m not refreshing the metal, I’m completely safe in fully built metal.”

He warns that some harvesters can go through the wall and expose players positions, and recommends using a forward facing weapon like a rifle.

Players can only look through walls that they’ve constructed, neutral, in game walls won’t let the camera through and Gonzalez doesn’t mention whether enemy structures work or not.

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It is not currently known whether or not Epic Games is aware of the wall exploit at this time.


The current editing technique to look through walls has been meta so long for a reason: it’s fairly easy to pick up and provides a wide range of sight, but the way Gonzalez demonstrates has its advantages as well.

Gonzalez’s technique clearly has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s an interesting feature that could come in handy in certain situations and engagements.