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How to land a lot faster in Fortnite using the new glider system

Published: 28/Oct/2018 16:53

by Calum Patterson


Recently, Epic Games made a significant change to the way gliders operate in Fortnite Battle Royale, and if you use it correctly you can land a lot faster than your opponents at the start of a game.

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Since Fortnite’s release, the fastest way to land at the start of a match was to simply aim for the lowest point, typically the sea area or valleys.

Doing so would mean the the glider (which slows your descent) would be automatically pulled out later, allowing you to dive for longer and therefore land faster.

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However, that was before you were able to redeploy your glider at any time. With this ability added in the v6.20 update, there is now a much more efficient way to beat your opponents down to the island.


Rather than aiming for low points, you should do the exact opposite. Aim for a high building or hill, or just anything with a ledge you can jump from.

Then simply jump from this ledge, pulling your glider out at the latest possible moment, allowing you to dive fast from the high point, as shown in this video from YouTuber ImSpeedyGonzales.

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Obviously this method is somewhat dependent on finding a suitable high ground which you can jump from after landing, but there are numerous hills and buildings that are suitable, depending on which journey across the map the bus takes.


And it doesn’t just need to be hills and buildings, as SpeedyGonzales shows, tall trees are also suitable, as you can land on top of them and then jump off.