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How to consistently take less fall damage in Fortnite Battle Royale

Published: 19/Oct/2018 12:25 Updated: 19/Oct/2018 12:29

by Matt Porter


There’s nothing worse in Fortnite than being in the middle of a build battle – creating structures high into the sky, only for your opponent to shoot out one of your building pieces, causing you to fall to your death.

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However, YouTube channel ‘TheGamerCouple’ may have found a way to massively reduce fall damage when crashing down from a great height.

It seems that if you place a ramp on the surface you’re about to land on, then quickly place a pyramid piece on top of it, the damage you take can be reduced by up to 75% compared to falling straight onto the ground.


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After performing numerous tests, TheGamerCouple were able to figure out exactly what damage players would take falling from different heights, and used different building pieces to show that the ramp and pyramid pieces were the best.

The readings show that falling onto a pyramid on top of a ramp reduces damage by at least 66% from five or six story drops, while this method was the only way to survive a drop from a height of seven stories. For example, falling from five stories onto a flat surface dealt 49 damage, while falling onto the pyramid on a ramp took just 12 damage points from your health.


Found a way to consistently reduce fall damage, not sure if a ton of people knew about this, but wanted to share anyway! from r/FortniteCompetitive

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This idea is yet another example of Fortnite players and their incredible creativity. Fans of the incredibly popular battle royale game regularly create awesome concepts for the game like brand new game modes or new items for the game.

While TheGamerCouple’s concept may be difficult to understand in writing, they’ve also uploaded a handy video that gives an in-depth explanation of the system, along with some visual examples of the concept in action.