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How to activate secret Alien dropship Glider feature in Fortnite

Published: 1/Mar/2021 3:36 Updated: 1/Mar/2021 6:38

by Brad Norton


Fortnite Season 5’s Alien crossover introduced the Cheyenne Dropship Glider and it comes with a secret feature. Here’s how to trigger it in your next game.

With dozens of options to choose from, selecting the right Glider can often be tricky. Some are more imposing than others while certain Gliders give you a rare visual flex. With Season 5’s Alien crossover, there’s a Glider you won’t want to miss.

While the two iconic skins were the focal point for the bundle, the Cheyenne Dropship Glider can’t be overlooked. Fans of the franchise will easily recognize the vehicle, but even those out of the loop may still want to pick it up for one key reason.


Surprisingly, it’s one of the few Gliders in Fortnite that comes with a reactive effect. This means it can change while you’re dropping into the map. Here’s how you can trigger the reaction without any hassle.

How to activate the Alien Glider’s secret feature in Fortnite

Fortnite Alien bundle
Epic Games
Fortnite’s new Alien-themed Glider has a secret feature you might not know about.

When it comes to reactive cosmetics, these are primarily seen with Weapon Wraps. A unique animation will appear on the gun to give you an exclusive look. While there are certain Skins, Pickaxes, and Gliders that feature these effects, they’re few and far between.

With the Season 5 Alien bundle, Epic introduced one more reactive Glider into the mix. However, they did so without letting anyone know. At first glance, the Cheyenne Dropship Glider doesn’t appear to do anything out of the ordinary.


A single press of a button though, and this Glider completely transforms while you’re soaring through the sky. Pressing the ‘shoot’ button on any given platform will trigger the animation mid-flight.

In its original form, the Glider is huge, with four devastating missile launchers ready to fire. In its secret reactive form, these weapons are hidden away for a more compact appearance.

The Cheyenne Dropship glider is secretly reactive. Just press the shoot button. from FortNiteBR

It goes without saying that this change doesn’t have any impact on the game itself. You won’t be descending faster with this more aerodynamic style. Though you’ll certainly be dropping in with one of the more unique looks in Fortnite today.


Not to mention, most players aren’t aware of this hidden surprise with the Glider. So if you’re wanting to style on the opposition, the Cheyenne Dropship is one of your best bets in Fortnite Season 5.