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How Tfue and Ninja’s Rivalry Spiralled Into Hatred

Published: 15/May/2020 11:00 Updated: 15/May/2020 13:50

by Shane King


Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins are two of the biggest streamers on the planet, made famous by their skill and rivalry in Fortnite. However, the pair have never seen eye to eye. After their latest public spat, you may be wondering where it all started and why the two internet superstars seemingly can’t stand each other.

Blevins’ rise to internet stardom in early 2018 saw him become by far the most popular channel on Twitch, with a peak of 250,000 subscribers that dwarfed every other streamer. Though, as Fortnite fans flocked to Twitch, they also discovered Tenney, and in 2019, he surpassed Ninja’s average viewer count.


Although Ninja never stated it in public, he probably wasn’t happy with losing the top spot. The Detroit native even called out Tfue for using a clickbait thumbnail of him punching an animated version of him in the face. This led to a lot of animosity between the pair – both on stream and social media.

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Blevins later went after Tenney during his contract dispute with FaZe clan, dubbing him ‘Tsue’ and suggesting it was his fault for not reading his contract properly. He also suggested that Tfue would not have blown up without the org as he wouldn’t have been invited to Fortnite Fridays.


After more beefing on social media, and a suggested boxing match, it reached the final straw after the former FaZe member leaked Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson’s number during a Rock Paper Scissors charity tournament. The Mixer star immediately called him out for this publicly. They went back and forth with even more drama after the fact.

It is now obvious that this drama was not fake and has some force behind it. What the two powerhouses know for sure is that if one of them slips up, the other will be there to kick them while they are down.