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Hilarious Fortnite Season 3 glitch ‘adds’ flying cars into the game

Published: 7/Aug/2020 8:54

by Andrew Amos


Epic have seemingly added flying cars into Fortnite on Patch v13.40. You could be mistaken for thinking that’s an official statement, given how a hilarious new glitch has gone viral with people taking the land vehicles to air.

Cars have finally been added into Fortnite. After seemingly months of waiting, the land vehicles were added in v13.40 as part of the Joyride update. However, players have broken them instantly.

A host of hilarious car-related glitches have popped up on the new patch, but none more so than the flying glitch. That’s right, Fortnite cars can now defy the laws of gravity and fly.


Cars in Fortnite
Epic Games
Cars have been added into Fortnite, but they haven’t come without their own set of problems.

It’s pretty simple for cars to take to the air, contesting helicopters as the ultimate transport. Serial glitch finder ‘OrangeGuy’ has shown players exactly how to do it, and it’s almost too easy to replicate.

How to make cars fly in Fortnite Season 3

All you have to do is go to the bridge between Lazy Lake and Retail Row, then find the truck. Place a gas can on the back of the truck, in between the cabin and the tail, and shuffle backwards and forwards until you take to the skies. We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide below.

  1. Go to the bridge between Lazy Lake and Retail Row (grid G6).
  2. Start the truck and destroy the load of logs.
  3. Jump up on the tray and place a gas can between the tray and the cabin.
  4. Hop back in and drive the truck backwards and forwards.
  5. You’ll eventually take to the skies after a short while.

The glitch can seemingly be replicated across all of the cars, although it’s slightly different for each one. This one is by far the easiest though. Obviously, such an exploit would be pretty funny to see in game ⁠— just a random truck floating in mid air.


You’ll also get practically infinite fuel for doing the trick. However, if you don’t, there’s another glitch you can do to get unlimited gas cans. Just swap between your axe and your canister, all while spamming the pickup button, to replicate them.

Obviously Epic didn’t intend to release flying cars into Fortnite ⁠— at least with this update. Who knows what they have planned for the future. For now, this glitch will remain just that ⁠— a glitch.

Epic will probably have to take cars out of the game to fix the problem properly, so expect them to be disabled in the coming days.


Players will have to be mindful when trying to replicate it though. Epic are known to have thrown around the ban hammer when players use exploits to their own advantage. Be sure to keep this trick to yourself in custom lobbies rather than the full game.