Hilarious Fortnite "pay-to-win" strategy allows you to blend in at the Mandalorian POI - Dexerto

Hilarious Fortnite “pay-to-win” strategy allows you to blend in at the Mandalorian POI

Published: 11/Feb/2021 20:06

by Tanner Pierce


A strategy involving the relatively new Mandalorian POI in Fortnite that some are calling pay-to-win has been making the rounds lately, even garnering attention from YouTuber and content creator SypherPK. Here’s how you can do it for yourself. 

With the release of update v15.30, Fortnite got a brand new POI near the center of the map called Kit’s Cantina, clearly inspired by one of the areas seen in The Mandalorian show, alongside a mode LTM where all players are tasked with going after specific people in the match.

Now, a new strategy involving the POI just might show an easy way to take care of everyone dropping there. The strategy is so good that some, like SypherPK, are calling it “pay-to-win” and it’s easy to see why.


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The actual strategy, which was discovered by TikTok user korc1e, involves both the Breakpoint skin, as well as the Accolades emote. Players have noticed that the aforementioned skin looks a good bit like the hologram seen in Kit’s Cantina, while the emote is identical to the motions that the hologram is performing.

All players need to do is equip the emote and the skin, go up to the hologram in-game, time the emote with the hologram, and it almost seems to blend you in. While it might be easy to think that that won’t fool anyone, one of SypherPK’s latest videos proves otherwise, as he was able to go unnoticed for a while by utilizing the above strategy.


The reason that some are calling this strategy pay-to-win is because both the skin and the emote have to bought on the Item Shop and can’t be earned through gameplay. What’s even worse is that both of these items currently aren’t available, meaning if you don’t have them already, you’re out of luck.

It’s unclear if this strategy is so egregious that it requires Epic’s attention, however, given how effective it seems to be, players might want to double check the hologram every time they visit Kit’s Cantina from now on.