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Here’s how to stop bouncing on top of Loot Lake

Published: 23/Sep/2018 21:03

by Virginia Glaze


Fortnite streamer and Reddit user ‘ImSpeedyGonzales’ uploaded a video to the platform that revealed a simple yet effective strategy for players looking to control their movement on top of Fortnite’s Loot Lake.

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Since the game’s mysterious, purple cube dissolved into the lake on September 19, the water has taken on a curious, elastic property, allowing players to bounce across its surface.

Gonzales provided a remedy to this phenomenon, which might be simpler than it seems.

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He stated that players should turbo-build a wall, immediately placing a floor on the structure just afterwards. This will allow players to stand on top of their build and remain steady atop the Lake’s flubber-like surface.


While it doesn’t allow players to walk across the Lake without vaulting into the sky, it does provide a means for them to build on top of it, with a bit more control over their own mobility.

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One commenter suggested that players could build a pyramid directly beneath them, but Gonzales admitted that the technique could be a bit risky.

“I tried pyramids (not pre edited),” he wrote, “and you can only land on the tip of the pyramid, so it’s not very viable.”

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Other players revealed their own strategies for the Lake, some stating that they built stairs on the jello-like surface, while others built ramps and a floor.


While the strategy might seem obvious, it’s the little things that count in taking a game – and this strategy could be one of them.