Full Details and Video of the New Fortnite Thermal Scope Assault Rifle - Dexerto

Full Details and Video of the New Fortnite Thermal Scope Assault Rifle

Published: 11/Jun/2018 10:24 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:04

by Mike Kent


The development team over at Epic Games have released a brand new weapon on the Fortnite community in Update V.4.4.

The Thermal Scope Assault Rifle was teased just 24 hours before being dropped in the Monday, June 11th update ahead of E3.

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The weapon comes as described, with a thermal scope on top of an assault rifle to allow for easy identification of players when scoped.

Available in epic and legendary variants, it provides 36-37 base damage and can see chest, supply drops enemy heat signatures and more.

Using medium ammo, it can be found in floor loot, chest and supply drops.


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For those who’ve been unable to get in game and check out the new weapon, we did a quick search across Twitch and found former professional Halo player, Hysteria, using the weapon.

Unfortunately for those who come up against someone with the rifle, the streamer quickly explains that the weapon is ‘100% OP (over-powered).

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While scoping in it allows Hysteria to see through trees, bushes and also structures to see where opponents are hiding.

He cleans up his opponents with the rifle in quick succession to win the game in style.