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Fortnite’s 180 turn building strategy has a new method

Published: 12/Sep/2018 9:33 Updated: 12/Sep/2018 9:34

by Matt Porter


A clever Redditor has found an ingenious way to perform the 180 Turn building manoeuvre in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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The 180 Turn is a popular strategy used by Fortnite players to gain elevation against opponents. It involves building ramps in one direction, then turning around and building them in the opposite way to create a staircase effect.

Most players use walls at the top of their ramps to create the point where they intend to turn, but Reddit user ‘BrandonTBC’ has discovered a new approach to the classic strategy, using pyramid structures.

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By using pyramid structures at the top of ramps, BrandonTBC was able to edit the pyramid into a ramp facing the other direction, jump off the side of the existing ramp and then place a new piece beside the existing edited pyramid.


This version of the 180 turn is an extremely quick way to gain height on enemies during build battles, but the speed of building does come at a structural cost. With the entire construction being supported by one wooden ramp at the bottom, a player who spots your build could shoot out the base piece, and bring the whole thing crashing down.

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With the Week 10 challenges for Fortnite’s Season 5 expected to go live in the next few days, now is a great time to jump into Playground mode and start practising building strategies.