Fortnite leak reveals "Zero Gravity" POI coming in Season 7: everything we know - Dexerto

Fortnite leak reveals “Zero Gravity” POI coming in Season 7: everything we know

Published: 16/Jun/2021 7:52

by Brad Norton


A unique ‘Zero Gravity’ POI is reportedly on the way to Fortnite in Season 7 as leaked audio files have hinted at a mysterious new location on the map.

While we’re just one week into the Season 7 era of Fortnite, players have already begun speculating on what’s next. With an Alien Invasion taking over the storyline, we’ve already seen a wide array of new content and it appears this theme is set to continue.

Despite the new map changes already in place at the start of the season, another big area is rumored to be on the way. This unique zone could be bringing a rather unique feature to boot.


Here’s everything we know about the new ‘Zero Gravity’ point of interest reportedly coming to Fortnite in Season 7.

Fortnite gameplay
Epic Games
We’re seen low gravity before in Fortnite, but this could be the first true Zero-G POI.

New ‘Zero Gravity’ POI in Fortnite Season 7

Following on from a leaked item that reportedly creates a “no gravity area,” prominent Fortnite data miner ‘HYPEX’ revealed a larger biome that may follow the same rules: at some stage throughout Season 7, “we might also get a No Gravity Biome,” they suggested.

This new POI is likely to appear near the center of the Season 7 map, according to the leaker. Based on audio files pulled from the game’s code, this new area certainly seems to be more than just a rumor.


Unique audio cues have been added specifically for this new POI.

There are unique sounds for jumping around in the Zero-G environment, audio triggers for entering and exiting, along with a distinct background noise that plays when inside the biome.


When will ‘Zero Gravity’ POI go live?

For the time being, this leaked intel is all we have to go off.

Epic Games is yet to confirm that another POI is on the way. Though with new updates flying out every week, it could just be a matter of time. Previous seasons have seen drastic map changes over the months and Season 7 is expected to be no different.


We’ll keep you updated here as and when this new POI is on the horizon.