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Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha’s social media presence explodes after victory

Published: 29/Jul/2019 16:37 Updated: 29/Jul/2019 16:58

by Eli Becht


16-year-old Fortnite phenom Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf shocked the world by dominating the World Cup Solos tournament and gained thousands of fans across social media shortly after the event.

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The Sentinels player came into the tournament at just around 30,000 Twitter followers but after a strong opening game where he came away with nine eliminations and the Victory Royale, he began to gain followers.

However, it wasn’t until he came away with his convincing victory in the tournament that he really began raking in the followers across all of his social media platforms.

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His Twitter boomed all the way to over 200,000 followers after his victory and that number is still rising as more and more people learn about his play at the World Cup.


However, that’s not even the platform that has seen the most growth as his Instagram account was able to grow much more exponentially. 

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It’s worth mentioning that his Instagram was actually one of his only platforms that weren’t hacked following his victory at the World Cup.

Both his Twitch and Twitter were hacked but Bugha was able to go onto Instagram to let people know it wasn’t him posting suspect tweets from his account.

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A tweet from GFUEL’s partnership manager, Bugha’s social media spiked at least 60,000 followers across four major platforms. 


  • Twitter: +165,084
  • Instagram: +235,000
  • Twitch: +63,556
  • YouTube: +161,291

These numbers were accurate as of 9:27 AM EST so we expect them to be even higher now. In the midst of this major growth, Bugha received the elusive verification check mark too.

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With all these numbers being so high, one has to wonder how many viewers he will bring in for his first Twitch stream since being named world champ. 

We’ll just have to wait and see how many people he can bring in. For obvious reasons, we aren’t counting his actual first stream since he was hacked.