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Fortnite update unvaults two fan-favorite weapons & changes loot again

Published: 3/May/2021 23:19

by Tanner Pierce


Epic Games announced that a new Fortnite update has unvaulted two fan-favorite items – the Tactical Shotgun and the Infantry Rifle – while also changing up the game’s loot so that even more Crafting Parts and classic weapons spawn in the world.

Ever since Fortnite Season 6’s launch, fans have been complaining about the rate at which Crafting Parts appear. These parts are used to upgrade Makeshift weapons into either Mechanical or Primal weapons, and they’re detrimental to your survival in the long-term.

Now, Epic has released a new update for Fortnite that, amongst other things, changes up how much the parts spawn. Most notably, the developers have doubled the chance of the parts spawning as floor loot. In addition, the chance of cars dropping Mechanical Parts has been increased by 50%.


Epic Games
The Infantry Rifle hasn’t been seen in Fortnite since Chapter 1.

Epic has also unvaulted both the Tactical Shotgun and the Infantry Rifle. The former has been vaulted ever since Season 6 started, while the latter hasn’t been in the game since Chapter 1 of the game’s life, getting vaulted at the started Chapter 2 Season 1.

Both the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities, so their inclusion will add a ton of potential to the Fortnite island. It’s unknown if either of these weapons will be craftable using a Makeshift Rifle and Mechanical Parts.

Finally, Epic has also changed up the loot pool for Fishing Spots, Supply Drops, and Bunker Chests. According to them, they will now favor Classic weapons more than Primal ones, meaning players should see more Mechanical Rifles, Pump Shotguns, and Mechanical Submachine guns, as well as the aforementioned Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle.


Luckily, these changes will be available the next time you boot up the game, with no actual download or update needed on any platform. The next major update for the game has not been announced.