Fortnite speculation heats up after life-size Battle Bus found at Universal Studios - Dexerto

Fortnite speculation heats up after life-size Battle Bus found at Universal Studios

Published: 5/Oct/2021 2:23

by Alan Bernal


It looks like Epic Games has been working with Universal Studios Hollywood on an upcoming event at City Walk, with a life-sized Battle Bus appearing near the park in the past couple of days.

The studio has no boundaries for its Fortnite collaborations, as its added everything from Disney movies to comic book superheroes to its ever-growing metaverse. Epic has also been known for its IRL Fortnite events that take the immersion to another level.

Something like that could be in the cards once more seeing as a life-sized Fortnite Battle Bus appeared near Universal Studios Hollywood, sparking rumors and speculation of what it could mean.


The bus reportedly appeared around October 3, and progress on its design has been progressing ever since.

Universal Fortnite Battle Bus

Images and video from fans show what looks to be a futuristic Fortnite Battle Bus decked out with intricate details and some lights. By the looks of it, the Battle Bus has been stationed down the way of Universal Studios park in front of the City Walk AMC.

What it’s doing there is, as of now, a complete mystery.

A Twitter user who took a short clip of the bus said that a security guard only said that “they’re planning something big.”


Universal Fortnite Battle Bus speculation

While a collaboration of some sort is obviously at the forefront of people’s minds, what kind of Fortnite team-up is still unclear. People are thinking this could mean anything from a Fortnite ride at Universal to announcing an in-game event.

Universal Studios is currently celebrating the Halloween season with its ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ special event. Players are speculating that Fortnite skins could be coming that would introduce classic Universal monsters from Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Dracula, and more.

Like most Fortnite mysteries, there could be some crumble of information lying in the Twitter account of Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games, Donald Mustard.


Putting on the tinfoil hats, a Sep. 28 tweet from Mustard showed some appreciation for Mike Flanagan’s horror Netflix hit, Midnight Mass. Flanagan currently has another project, Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, featured as a maze at Universal’s Horror Nights.

While a connection between Mustard’s tweets on horror appreciation and the Fortnite Battle Bus located near the park during Halloween is thin, Epic’s CCO has a knack for cryptic teasers. Whether this means we’ll get Midnight Mass skins like Sheriff Hassan or Father Paul remains to be seen, but something’s bound to be announced.


Whatever the Fortnite studio is planning seems to be coming soon, and Dexerto will make sure to update this article as more news comes out.