Fortnite: TSM Fortnite pro Daequan discusses how to balance the recently-vaulted Infinity Blade - Dexerto

Fortnite: TSM Fortnite pro Daequan discusses how to balance the recently-vaulted Infinity Blade

Published: 15/Dec/2018 1:38 Updated: 15/Dec/2018 1:58

by Alan Bernal


Epic Games recently made a huge miscalculation with one of its latest additions to Fortnite, but a streamer offered their solution to making the ousted weapon type work.

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Fortnite released patch v7.01 on December 11 and with it a new Mythic weapon named the Infinity Blade to the dismay of many players. The insanely overpowered weapon quickly made its way out of the game and into the Vault, leaving some to wonder if there could be a better way to integrate a slashing weapon of another kind.

Like many, Team SoloMid’s Daequan ‘Daequan’ Loco was happy to see the Infinity Blade wiped off the servers, but thinks that regular swords via loot drops could be a viable addition to the game.


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Epic GamesThe weapon was completely broken, but a little fun once you got your hands on it.

In sharing his thoughts, he gave a thorough breakdown of what swords in Fortnite could look like, if given the right amount of damage and a proper kit.

“I just want regular loot drop swords in Fortnite. Give them a short dash, 75-100 a cut & 150 from behind,” he said. “Everyone already has a Shotgun so shotties would obviously counter them but they could have their uses.”

He likened the idea to Halo’s incorporation of the Energy Sword and its counterpart the Tactical Shotgun.

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Unsurprisingly, many were quick to doubt his idea, but he was quick to remind everyone that his idea would be even less powerful than Halo’s Energy Sword. 


Though the suggestion was met with immediate hesitation from a Fortnite community that was still sore from the Infinity Blade’s marks, he further argues the idea is a necessary evil to avoid further pitfalls down the line.

“Would you rather them keep going on the road they’re going and give helicopters with miniguns and black hole devices, or something that can be balanced and easily countered,” Daequan said. “It’s called giving ideas. Old Fortnite ain’t coming back in case you didn’t notice the changes since Season 2.”

The Infinity Blade was completely abandoned before even a week had gone by, and it could be a little while before Epic Games plays with swords again.