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Travis Scott’s Astronomical Fortnite challenges & rewards leaked

Published: 21/Apr/2020 8:45 Updated: 4/Mar/2021 13:08

by Isaac McIntyre


New Travis Scott Astronomical challenges in Fortnite have been leaked by data miners ahead of the Grammy-nominated rapper’s five-show event in Epic’s battle royale, giving players a heads up about what to expect.

Travis Scott is a Fortnite mega-fan, and doesn’t hide it. The Houston rapper even jumped into some streamed games with Drake and Ninja in 2018. Now the star is set to get his very own in-game skin and event, and hype has hit fever-pitch.

We’ve already seen plenty of hints about where his concerts are going to take place, and we know Cactus Jack will be bringing his own “other-worldly experience” too. Now we know the event’s challenges, thanks to new data leaks.


Travis Scott's in-game event is finally landing after Fortnite's v12.41. Update.
Wikimedia Commons / Epic Games
Travis Scott’s in-game event is finally landing after Fortnite’s v12.41. Update.

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Leaked Travis Scott Astronomical challenges & rewards

Fortnite’s v12.41 update patch may still be underway, but leaks have already revealed exactly what the Travis Scott Astronomical challenges will entail. Not only that, but it’s also given us our first look at the rewards contained within too.

According to leaks revealed by Fortnite code-diver FortTory, the first mission will see players put on their dancing shoes. The challenge can only be ticked off in two spots though ⁠— The Yacht or Apres Ski. 

Once players have completed the necessary ten seconds of dancing, they’ll earn a warped artwork loading screen of Travis Scott himself, though with a cyborg twist.


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The second two missions require players to visit a few locations. The first calls for players to “bounce off of different giant Astro heads,” which are likely to appear around the battle royale map once the event begins in earnest.

The third challenge is a more simple one. All players have to do to earn a Cactus Jack-style image is “visit the stage north of Sweaty Sands.” This is where Scott and co. will be hosting their five days of Astronomical live shows.

If you complete all three Travis Scott challenges, one final reward awaits ⁠— an emote based on Scott’s infamous viral concert image. Captured back in 2017, the image depicts him with a mic stand aloft, yelling in front of flames.


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The Astronomical challenges are far from the only thing coming in the massive Travis Scott x Fortnite event either. The game’s biggest data miners have already uncovered new emotes, styles, backblings, and plenty more

There’s also new guns, bug fixes, and a long-awaited Infected LTM landing in the battle royale in the v12.41 update. Check out the full patch notes here.