Fortnite Streamer LoserFruit Rages After a Fake TSM Myth Stream Snipes Her - Dexerto

Fortnite Streamer LoserFruit Rages After a Fake TSM Myth Stream Snipes Her

Published: 15/Aug/2018 6:28

by Mike Kent


If we’re being honest, there are few things better than watching a streamer lose their mind in pure blind rage.

That’s exactly what happened to a Twitch partner, LoserFruit, who became incredibly frustrated that she was repeatedly being killed by a notorious stream sniper.

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Following around streamers and attempting to kill them by viewing their location has become a more widespread problem since the battle royale genre became popular.

High profile personalities such as Shroud, TFUE and Dr DisRespect have all had their fair share of interactions with stream snipers, but other than putting on a long delay in game, and as a result slowing down viewer interaction, there isn’t much of a solution.


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For most, the option of putting on a delay could have serious consequences on viewership, so they just have to try and cope the best they can.

That’s why you can understand why LoserFruit reacted like she did in the clip below.

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A glitched account using a fake TSM Myth name took her down just north of Shobby Shores, and she eventually snapped, before reporting the user.

“Oh my god. FUCK OFF. Honestly, fuck off. I am done, you snipe me all the time, and why do you have to do this? You shoot me in the face because you think you’re really fucking smart or something like that? Fuck off, I’ve got evidence, say goodbye to your account you stupid fricking Skeleton skin, say goodbye to all that shit. Say goodbye!”