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Fortnite star MrSavage joins 100 Thieves

Published: 20/Feb/2020 17:46 Updated: 20/Feb/2020 17:57

by Calum Patterson


Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves organization has finally announced its newest member, confirming the addition of Fortnite streamer and competitive player MrSavage.

100 Thieves has been rapidly expanding their venture, combining apparel, esports, and personalities to creating one of the most popular brands in gaming.

They already represent the likes of CouRage, Yassou, Valkyrae, BrookeAB and ‘The Mob’, and have now added MrSavage to their ranks.

MrSavage in a red 100 Thieves top sitting in a chair
100 Thieves
MrSavage is the newest 100 Thieves member.

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There had been speculation that the newest member of their streaming crew would be Fortnite pro and former FaZe Clan member Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore.

But, on February 20, the organization surprised many in the community by announcing MrSavage instead. Previously a pro player for NRG, the Norwegian 15-year-old has grown fast on Twitch and YouTube over 2019 and into 2020.


Now boasting over 1 million subscribers/followers on both platforms, he is certainly a star in the making, and exactly the right fit for 100 Thieves.

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As well as being a content creator, he is a highly-skilled competitive player. He placed 14th in World Cup duos event, alongside Benjyfishy, netting $100,000, and 29th overall in the solo tournament.

It’s unclear if he plans to represent 100 Thieves more in a competitive manner, or focus purely on content creation. Perhaps he will try to balance his disciplines equally.

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Why join 100 Thieves?

He explains that one of the main reasons he joined 100 Thieves was because of the family atmosphere. Additionally, staying at the Cash App compound in California gets him better practice, as “NA practice is way better,” so clearly he still has a passion for the competitive side of Fortnite, as well as being a creator.


He also explained that he is looking forward to creating content with the other members, and hopes that 2020 will be his “best year yet.”

For Nadeshot and 100 Thieves, 2020 is also set to be a massive year. They opted not to join the Call of Duty, despite the founder’s history in the esport, due to the massive entry cost, but are spending their investment wisely elsewhere.

Their League of Legends team is hoping to reverse the abysmal 2019 they had, and Fortnite and CS:GO are other games where success lies in wait. But, the company is equally focused on their apparel, and are now making serious strides in the content department now too.