Fortnite solo world record for most kills broken on console - Dexerto

Fortnite solo world record for most kills broken on console

Published: 28/Oct/2018 12:40 Updated: 28/Oct/2018 19:42

by Calum Patterson


It has been a record breaking week for Fortnite, as three kill records have all been beaten, the latest a 30 kill solo game taking the console record, and matching the PC record.

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Firstly, the duo vs squad record on mobile was beaten, as ‘FataStar’ and ‘KeaStarL’ managed 31 kills, an impressive number for mobile gameplay.

Later, the duo vs squad record on console was also beaten, with ‘JHawk’ and ‘EthanPlants’ overtaking the previous record by three kills, with a total of 43.

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Now another console record has been beaten, this time for solos. Previously held by Teco1976 with 27 kills, the record which has stood since September has finally been overtaken.


PS4 player ‘Whxbz’ actually beat the record with 29 kills on October 22, before beating his own world record again on October 27, with 30 kills.

You can watch the whole gameplay from Whxbz below, where he takes out 30 enemies and wins the match, with an intense final 1v1 to secure the new record.

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His tally of 30 kills means that the console and PC record for solos are now exactly the same, as OpTic Gaming player Baldy also managed 30 on PC, back in May.

You can see a full list of updated Fortnite Battle Royale world records here, with evidence. If you believe you have a world record, and can provide evidence, be sure to let us know.