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Fortnite release another teaser for Fortnitemares 2018

Published: 21/Oct/2018 14:31

by Calum Patterson


A second teaser in as many days has been released by Epic Games for the upcoming, and very mysterious ‘Fortnitemares’ event in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Previously an in-game event in the Save the World mode back in Halloween 2017, it looks like Fortnitemares is making its way to Battle Royale this year.

However, with only two cryptic teasers released, fans are still unsure as to what exactly it will entail.

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Teaser one, released on October 20, showed an image of an as yet unreleased skin, wearing what appeared to be Calamity’s hat, along with a poem about your duo being either a friend or a ‘ghoul’ in disguise.


The tease of a new skin makes it almost certain that new cosmetic items will be a part of whatever form Fortnitemares is to take in the battle royale mode, and the second teaser may be yet another.

A poem is included along with an image of a rune trapped in chains, which some fans reckon could be a new pickaxe, or perhaps back bling.

Tombstones quake,
Keep your finger steady.
The circle will close,
Better be ready.

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So the first teaser very specifically mentioned duos, while this time we get a mention of the storm, so perhaps, if it is a new game mode(s), then there will be a new storm effect too.


Whatever it is, fans can expect it soon, as October is ramping up towards Halloween fast. We can probably expect a third teaser tomorrow too, which will hopefully start to put the pieces together.

This second teaser also obviously relates to the floating islands and mysterious runes on the map, which was possibly building up to Fortnitemares this whole time.