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Fortnite pro Noahreyli reacts to instant ban over cheating allegations

Published: 21/Jun/2021 21:18

by Nick Farrell


This is not the first time a high-profile Fortnite professional has been banned, but Noahreyli’s ban has come out of nowhere and has sent shockwaves through the community. 

Competitive Fortnite has experienced some dramatic highs and all-time lows over the years, but players running into cheating allegations is something we have grown to deal with over recent times, and another famed player experienced this recently.

Swiss Fortnite pro Noah ‘Noahreyli‘ Rey was insta-banned live on stream while playing in the Fortnite Thanos Cup, and was as confused as you’d expect someone be to about this kind of ban.


But, thankfully, Epic worked fast and diligently and it seems to be resolved as of now, but Noah’s reaction is worth taking a look at.

Noahreyli stream
Epic Games/Noahreyli/Twitch
Noahreyli was gifted 2000 Vbuck as an apology from Epic Games

Noahreyli banned live on Twitch

There have been multiple iterations of Fortnite pros running into trouble when it comes to Epic’s anti-cheat system, as we have seen multiple players such as Australian Kquid, who was handed a lifetime ban for accusations of using aimbot during his time as a pro.

Now, one of Europe’s most accomplished players in 15-year-old Noahreyli was streaming the Thanos Cup live on Twitch, when he was suddenly backed out of the game and notified that his account has been banned due to cheating allegations.


In a state of confusion Noahreyli immediately stated “What? For what?”, as one would when they were falsely banned by Epic just a week before one of the largest solo tournaments of the year in the FNCS All-Star Showdown.

Well thankfully, less than an hour after he was banned Noah’s ban was reversed by Epic Games, and Fortnite Community Competitive Manager TheStevieT messaged him on Discord to apologize for this inconvenience and how it should have never happened.

Noahreyli ban reasoning
Noahreyli received an apology from Epic Games right after his ban

Noahreyli was able to boot up his stream and continue playing in the Thanos Cup right after he was unbanned, and his stream experienced a significant spike in viewers. Reaching over 9,000 concurrent viewers because of the incident.


How this ban was accidentally applied to one of the top professional player’s accounts is unknown as of now, but hopefully, this does not happen to any other players in the near future, especially with the upcoming events!