Fortnite players may soon be able to sell loot as new details leak - Dexerto

Fortnite players may soon be able to sell loot as new details leak

Published: 1/Mar/2021 12:13

by Connor Bennett


A fresh Fortnite leak has revealed more details about the previously leaked feature that will allow players to sell loot to NPCs. The new leak shows how you’ll be able to tell which NPCs are in the market to spend gold bars.

As the battle royale market has become more and more populated by new games, players are switching between them all, and wanting certain features to follow them over.

In an earlier season, fans of Apex Legends accused Fortnite of copying their loot vaults, but that hasn’t stopped either game from taking inspiration from the other since.


Though, Epic Games have been seemingly taking inspiration from outside the battle royale genre. Back in December, a leak revealed that the devs were planning a Minecraft-like system where players could sell loot to NPCs dotted around the map.

Fortnite NPC gameplay
Epic Games
There are dozens of unique NPCs to track down that will help you out in Fortnite.

That leak claimed that the feature was going to be arriving in Season 5, but as the season starts to draw to a close, that hasn’t been the case just yet. Many fans have been eyeing it up for Season 6 instead.

Regardless of when its set to arrive, leakers and data miners have still been uncovering new details. Reliable insider Hypex revealed that NPCs who are in the market to buy loot will be indicated by a special icon – a money bag with a dollar sign on it.


“When you sell an expensive item the NPC is supposed to do the “Make It Rain” emote,” tweeted the leaker on February 28. “I have no idea if they scrapped this idea or if its gonna have limits tho! Also, the prices for selling loot to NPCs are the same prices as weapon upgrades.”

As the leaker notes, things may have changed ever so slightly in regards to the animations, but Epic will surely have something cool up their sleeve.

As for when it’ll go live in-game, well, that’s a case of waiting and seeing what happens. The start of a new season seems the perfect time for a big new feature, and Season 6 is just around the corner.