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Fortnite player counters Armored Wall campers with new “medieval torture” trick

Published: 28/Sep/2021 0:39

by Alan Bernal


The new Armored Walls item in Fortnite is giving campers a new favorite hiding spot, but some people have already found a way to penetrate the annoying enclosures.

The Fortnite Season 8 patch update introduced the new loot for Supply Boxes and ground items with the Armored Wall as an Uncommon Trap. These will reinforce any build material to give it 2500 HP, something that will take an insane amount of patience and ammo to get through.

While these defensive items have many uses, especially in 1v1 build battles, some Fortnite players are opting to default into a metal box to avoid engagements.


At least that’s what Reddit user ‘BBUCKLESS’ found in one of their games when an opponent elected to put up four walls and a roof to stay protected.

Fine, stay in your armored box I’ll just wait till you come out… Or maybe I won’t wait from FortNiteBR

With a while match left to play and about 40 seconds until the next zone, BBUCKLESS got a little creative to smoke out the enclosed player.

They found a nearby gas can and threw it to the base of the Armored Wall 1×1, then shot the tank to light up the surrounding area.

Even though it only took off 400 HP from the wall, it got a lot more meaningful damage done inside that turned the Armored Walls against its user.


fortnite armored walls
Epic Games
The Armored Walls gave Fortnite players a new defensive option since they launched in the Chapter 2 Season 8 update.

Eventually, the player inside went to the opposite corner of the 1×1 box to get away from the flames, but the flames apparently managed to creep to them – leaving them with nowhere to go.

“You turned their box into a medieval torture method,” one person said of the trick, while others likened it to the ‘Brazen bull’ contraption that is similar in concept to what the clip showed.

While this trick might not always come in handy, it’s certainly an option to explore if an isolated Fortnite player decides to camp inside Armored Walls.