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Fortnite makes major change to aim assist in upcoming 10.40 update

Published: 24/Sep/2019 16:23 Updated: 24/Sep/2019 16:56

by Eli Becht


Epic Games revealed major changes are coming to aim assist with Fortnite v10.40 that will completely overhaul the current system.

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A hot topic of debate in the Fortnite pro community has been whether aim assist with controllers is too powerful.

Beginning with update 10.40, Fortnite will be removing the ability to snap to targets, also known as “left trigger spam” which means aim assist as we know is no more and this will definitely be sending a ripple effect through the community.

Epic GamesAim Assist is receiving a major change.
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“We have also removed the ability to use target snapping (aka “Left trigger spam”),” said Epic in a blog post. “With these new Aim Assist improvements, we no longer feel it’s necessary.”


These new improvements they speak of refer to a new weighting algorithm that takes into account targets in screen space and the target’s distance from the reticle.

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Epic explains this will help fix an auto-aim problem where another enemy comes into your frame and steals away the aim assist.

Another big change is your crosshairs will now turn red on an enemy when they are in effective range, which means any point before damage drop-off is applied.

Epic GamesAim assist changes are on the way.
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The kneejerk reaction by many players will be this is a huge nerf to controller players, who were already at a major disadvantage when compared to PC players using mouse and keyboard.


Of course, time will tell if the change is actually good in the longterm. On top of these changes, Epic overhauled the sensitivity options too.

Epic GamesThe Combine is on its way.
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Players will now have the ability to change their ADS sensitivities which will help them finetune their aiming when scoped in, resulting in a big change to their accuracy and they determine which setting works best for them.

Finally, a new Combine playlist is being added which will act as a training ground to test out all of these changes. Players will be able to compete with their friends to come away with the highest score possible.


All of these changes will go live later this week, possibly September 26, when v10.40 releases.