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New Fortnite Season 6 leaks point to unreleased “Recycler” weapon and exotics

Published: 18/Mar/2021 0:37

by Tanner Pierce


A couple new Fortnite leaks have already revealed a ton of new weapons that may be coming to the game during the course of Chapter 2 Season 6, including a Recycler weapon that was shown off in the season’s battle pass trailer. 

Fortnite Season 6 added a ton of new content to the game. Between new tamable animals, new map locations, new weapons, and new skins, fans have a lot to enjoy until the next major update for the game.

That being said, only one day into Season 6’s lifecycle and we already have some pretty major leaks surrounding some upcoming weapons, presumably coming at some point during the season and fans have already gotten to see one of them if they were paying close attention.


Easily the most notable weapon, which was seen being held by Cluck at the 45-second mark in the battle pass trailer, allows you to harvest materials and then shoot them out as an explosive. It’s unknown how powerful the weapon will be but it seems like a big gun, in a similar style to the chug jug and bandage launchers added in previous seasons.

There seems to be two names floating around right now for the weapon: the Recycler as reported by leaker HYPEX or the Junk Gun as reported by leaker iFireMonkey. It’s currently unknown which one is accurate or if both are simply codenames for the time being.


In addition, three new exotic weapons are set to be added to the game in the near future and will be sold by three different NPC’s around the map: a marksman revolver, an unstable bow, and a grappler bow will be sold by Deadfire, Rebirth Raven, and Lara Croft respectively.

Little to none is known about the above weapons, but we did see something that looks suspiciously like a grappler bow in the battle pass trailer as well, at the 23-second mark.

While it’s not confirmed that this is what it is, the bow allows the player to grapple up similarly to the grapple gun from previous seasons.


Of course, we have no idea when any of these weapons will be added to the game, although fans can be certain that it won’t be for a while.

Most of the time, fans have to wait a few weeks into the season before they get new content and even then, it’s slowly dripped out, so don’t expect these anytime soon.

Still, unless plans change, they’ll more than likely be here before the end of the season. Here’s hoping it’s not too long of a wait.