Fortnite: Leaked audio and in-game footage of 'New Year's Eve' event surfaces - Dexerto

Fortnite: Leaked audio and in-game footage of ‘New Year’s Eve’ event surfaces

Published: 18/Dec/2018 22:58 Updated: 18/Dec/2018 23:18

by Alan Bernal


The latest v7.10 update in Fortnite released on December 18 has been scoured and dissected by data miners who have uncovered files that point to an event right on time for the new year.

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With every patch, new files are introduced to Fortnite and residual information is sometimes left behind. That information is the life blood of data miners who are on a constant prowl to find the faintest inkling of the developer’s future moves.

In this new batch of info, files have cropped up that further point to a limited-time event that will give Fortnite players a new way to usher in the New Year.


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Although no word from Epic Games have hinted at the event, there are some pretty concrete pieces of evidence popping up that give pretense to a coming holiday in Fortnite.

A video by YouTuber ‘TeVeelGevraagd’ shows a disco ball peeking from the ceiling in the middle of the map. Although a stagnant object, it could be the starting images of the ball dropping sequence that is released on when the clock counts down to the new year.

Uncovered by Fortnite leaker Trix, an audio file named “Ball_Sequence_1” was found in the backlog of information that sounds like a crowd counting down. At the end of the countdown, celebration and fireworks can be heard all around.


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With all the information out today, it’s pretty safe to say that a New Year’s Eve event has at least been planned for the battle royale.

The loads of evidence could be the remains of a plan that fell through, but we won’t know more about it until the developers give something more definitive.