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Fortnite leak suggests Epic Games planning major Season 6 tournament

Published: 5/Mar/2021 0:03

by Tanner Pierce


A brand-new leak from a Fortnite dataminer is raising eyebrows amongst the battle royale community and may point to a major tournament for the game’s Season 6 update when it launches in just a few weeks, in mid-March 2021. 

If you’ve been wondering when the next major Fortnite tournament would be then it seems like your wait may finally be over.

According to a leak from Twitter user and leaker VastBlast, Fornite’s LiveBroadcasting server has been updated to the game’s upcoming v16.00 patch (the Season 6 launch).

The leaker then goes on to say that he believes this was done because Epic is planning a major tournament that they’ll want to broadcast during Season 6 and although that’s all speculation, it’s easy to see why he thinks that.


According to him VastBlast, the last time the server was updated was for DreamHack event in Anaheim, CA, which took place in January 2020. It’s reasonable to assume that Epic wouldn’t be updating the server again if they weren’t planning something major, although he does mention this is just pure speculation.

It’s worth noting that the DreamHack event was the last in-person tournament held for Fortnite before the world shut down in March of that same year, so a return to form would certainly be a welcome one after all that time.

Because there hasn’t been any confirmation from Epic Games or any other official source, it’s important not to get your hopes up and immediately assume that a return to live events is happening any time soon.

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While it is likely at this point given the evidence, an in-person LAN tournament like this, especially one having to deal with a world health crisis, could be changed or canceled at any time.

Unfortunately, fans will just have to wait and see, but if Epic does decide to hold a LAN tournament, they’ll likely announce it around the time we start learning more about Season 6, which is just a few weeks away.