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Fortnite leak reveals unreleased Season 4 Marvel teasers

Published: 23/Aug/2020 12:10

by Connor Bennett


A batch of new teasers relating to Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 have surfaced thanks to lakers – and it appears as if they’re sending a message. 

As the hype for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 has been building for a few weeks, players have been trying to get their hands on some early details about the theme, new cosmetics, new locations, and much more. 

After rumors of a Marvel-themed surfaced, Epic Games confirmed that the comic book giants would play a pretty big role – with Thor seemingly being given the spotlight over other characters and franchises. 

With a handful of teasers surfacing already, including a few from Epic themselves, data miners have been doing some digging to get their hands on some more details. 


Fortnite Season 4 teaser
Epic Games / Marvel
Marvel will play a centrally role in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4.

That includes VastBlastt who, like a handful of other leakers, managed to uncover the next few teasers that are coming to Fortnite about the next season. 

As you might expect, they center around Thor, Jonesy, and other Fortnite skins. Though, you might think that they’re teaming up to take on Galactus, it actually looks like the Asgardian has used Mjölnir to attack Jonesy. 

In the bigger picture of things, the comic book strip images are actually inside some big letters. These two leaked images show an E and X next to each other, sparking some fan theories of it spelling out Nexus.


If it does spell Nexus, and it seems likely that the pages will, it tie the Marvel universe into the Fortnite story as a whole. The Nexus, of course, has been used in major live events previously including during the Butterfly Event where players ended up inside a vortex. 

What it’ll mean moving forward, though, is anyone’s guess – until leakers get their hands on it anyway. Epic have delivered on their stories and events in the past before, though, so they’ll probably cook up something entertaining here too.