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Fortnite leak confirms Street Fighter crossover skins coming soon

Published: 19/Feb/2021 12:53 Updated: 19/Feb/2021 19:13

by Daniel Megarry


New leaks have pointed to Street Fighter being the next major crossover to arrive in Fortnite Season 5, with potentially two iconic fighters joining the fight.

Epic Games’ hit battle royale Fortnite has slowly become the king of crossovers, with the likes of Star Wars character The Mandalorian, 80s movie villain Predator, and even The Walking Dead’s Daryl and Michonne appearing in the game.

Players are always on the lookout for who will be next to arrive on The Island, and if these new leaks are anything to go by, it looks like Fortnite might be getting another pair of Gaming Legends skins.


Street Fighter Ryu and Chun-Li
It looks like Street Fighter is crossing over with Fortnite.

Street Fighter skins coming to Fortnite

Throughout Season 5, a number of ‘hunter portals’ have appeared across the map. Each one has hinted at an upcoming crossover skin, with imagery and sounds giving away clues as to who will be next.

Prominent Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR has shared a first-look at one of the newest portals to arrive on The Island, and it will look very familiar to fans of Capcom’s long-running fighting franchise Street Fighter.

As you can see in the video above, the imagery that appears in the portal is lifted directly from one of the classic Street Fighter games, while the audio also acts as a teaser.


Shortly after the audio files and images were leaked to the world, ShiinaBR tweeted the actual ad for the two skins, confirming that Chun-Li and Ryu were officially coming to the game.

Given the fact that we have the ad and the audio/image files for the portal leaked, and considering how soon we get skins normally after they leak, it’s safe assume that they are coming at some point within the next few days, possibly even tonight or tomorrow when the store resets.

Chun-Li and Ryu will join the new Gaming Legends series of skins that debuted in Season 5. So far, we’ve seen God of War’s Kratos and Halo’s Master Chief make appearances, but unfortunately, there’s been no showing from Nintendo.


We’ll keep this article updated when a release date for the Street Fighter crossover is officially announced by Epic Games.