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Fortnite leak claims The Getaway LTM returning soon

Published: 11/Aug/2020 12:24

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite’s super popular limited-time mode, The Getaway, could soon be making a return if new information from data miners is to be believed. 

While the majority of Fortnite players can be found in either the usual battle royale or Save the World modes, there are plenty of fans who dedicate themselves to the rotating cast of limited-time modes. 

These LTMs put a different spin on the battle royal mode by either constricting the loot pool, keeping players locked in one part of the map, or giving them an actual objective to work towards. 


Some of these have been super popular in the past but perhaps none more so than The Getaway. 

The Getaway LTM could return for the first time since Season 8.

The limited-time mode, where players have to steal a Jewel and take it to an escape van, first made its debut back in Season 5 and was last seen in Season 8 following the V8.10 update.

However, it could be making a return soon enough. VastBlast, a Fortnite data miner, noted that the LTM is a part of a list that have been “hotfixed” to the game’s servers. “They are currently disabled but will likely enable soon,” Vast posted, noting that they should release in their listed order.


The Getaway falls at the end of the list behind Knockout: Shuffle, Knockout: Air Raid, Rags to Riches, and Tank Battles. So, it could be a little wait just yet. 

Obviously, the return of The Getaway might have some fans getting giddy about potentially ticking off some of the challenges that were associated with the mode. However, it’s unknown if they will be returning.

It’s also unknown if the backblings that were available solely through winning games will return. With the mode being so popular, Epic will more than likely tease its return closer to its release so we’ll just have to wait and see if they say anything about the cosmetics.