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Fortnite Kit skin “broken” after Season 7 update

Published: 12/Jun/2021 14:42

by Joe Craven


Fortnite players have called on developers Epic Games to fix the ‘Kit’ skin, which appears to have broken because of the Season 7 update that launched on June 8. 

Fortnite Season 7 has been long anticipated by fans of the battle royale and, now it’s here, it’s not difficult to see why. The season is centered around aliens – paving the way for another top-tier popular culture crossover, this time with animated sci-fi show Rick and Morty.

There are also plenty of new POIs and locations to explore – like Believer Beach and Corny Complex – while weapons like the revolver and infantry rifle have been vaulted.


Naturally, that means some have also been unvaulted, like the hand cannon, bolt-action sniper rifle and more.

Epic Games
Fortnite Season 7 is underway, bringing out of this world content!

However, large updates often risk breaking aspects of the game. Major changes to game code can often have unintended impacts elsewhere and, in this instance, the popular Kit skin appears to have fallen victim to the problems.

The skin sees, rather incongruously, a small kitten atop a mechanical figure. The robot-like bodice has an exhaust pipe coming out its back, presumably omitting some of the fuel it requires to operate.

However, prior to the Season 7 update, the exhaust fumes were an eclectic mix – potentially blue, pink, or a rainbow. Since the update, though, it is puffing tired black smoke out. Naturally, it’s not as appealing to skin owners as it was before.


The issues were pinpointed by user BlackMageisBestMag, saying that even when higher levels of the skin are equipped, the default black smoke remains.

Epic Games have not, at the time of writing, responded to the issues specifically relating to the Kit skin. The skin was a Season 3 Battle Pass skin and has performed as expected until now, so we can expect to see a fix in a near-future update.

For a full run-down of the issues they are looking at, you can check out the dedicated Fortnite Trello Board. Until then, hop in and enjoy Season 7.