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Why the Guided Missile is disabled in Fortnite

Published: 12/Oct/2018 14:58 Updated: 12/Oct/2018 15:06

by Matt Porter


Epic Games have announced that they have temporarily disabled the Guided Missile while they investigate an issue with the weapon.

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While Epic Games haven’t officially revealed what issue they are looking into, it’s likely that they are attempting to fix a glitch involving the Guided Missiles and Shadow Stones.

Players who equipped the Guided Missile Launcher and began to spam the fire button while consuming a shadow stone were able to become permanently invisible, moving around the map with enemy players unable to spot them.

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Epic Games may also address the ‘Always North’ glitch that has been plaguing the weapon in recent days.


The ‘Always North’ bug sees rockets that are fired by the weapon always fire North, regardless of which direction the player was facing when he fired the weapon.

Recently, popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins fell foul of this glitch during a livestream, with his missile firing into walls built in front of him three times, before eventually killing him.

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Fortnite’s developers revealed the news regarding the Guided Missile via Twitter, stating that the item had been “temporarily disabled” while they were looking into an issue.

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This is the third time Epic have had problems with the Shadow Stones, which were introduced at the beginning of Season 6. The items had to be disabled just days after their launch, when clever players found a way to use the Stones to become permanently invisible.


There is currently no information available about when the item will return, but we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates when they become available.