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Fortnite FNCS Season 3 Solos Finals: final placements and results

Published: 17/Aug/2020 4:57

by Andrew Amos


The Fortnite Champion Series for Season 3 has come to a close across the world, with some big upsets in all the major regions. Check out the full results, and your favorites’ final placements right here.

A return to solos received a mixed reception from pros this FNCS season, however many new faces rose to the top as some of the most mechanically gifted Fortnite players across the world.

With $5,000,000 on the line across all regions, including upwards of $50,000 for winning in North America and Europe, there was everything to play for.

However, while some favorites managed to live up to their standards, there were upsets galore that threw the power rankings into chaos.


TaySon clutches 12-kill victory to win FNCS Season 3 Europe

Slovenian player Tai ‘TaySon’ Starčič has claimed his first major title in FNCS Season 3, smashing the rest of the European competition in the solos event.

He finished 11 points ahead of Decyptos in second after boasting an average of nearly four eliminations a game. This was helped by a massive 12-kill victory, which all but sealed his title with one game left.

AyarBaffo rounded out the podium in third, pulling ahead of Hen in fourth thanks to his victory in the final game. Big favorite to win rezon finished in seventh, while Mongraal (16th), MrSavage (57th), and Benjyfishy (59th) failed to make it into the top 10.


FNCS Season 3 Europe Top 10 final placements

Place Player Points Prize Money
1 E11 TaySon 60 $80,000
2 GO Decyptos 49 $55,000
3 TDR AyarBaffo 47 $45,000
4 BL Hen〆 47 $40,000
5 Grizi Snayzy 46 $30,000
6 FrenzyFishy 45 $20,000
7 rezon ay лол 44 $15,000
8 Twainz 44 $10,000
9 BL Raifla 43 $8,000
10 BL Anas 41 $7,000

Coop causes upset in FNCS Season 3 NAE, Bugha 4th

Optimal Ambitions’ Coop has stunned the NA-East competition, claiming a huge upset in one of the most competitive regions in the world.

Despite not winning a single game, consistency was Coop’s key. He placed in the top 10 in three of the six games, and had the highest average eliminations at 3.17. He only failed to find a kill in the final game, but Klass’ two-kill 16th place in the lobby wasn’t enough to overtake him.

Xccept rounded out the podium in third, while 2019 World Cup Solos champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf finished in fourth, pocketing an extra $25,000 for himself.

Other favorites like Clix (27th), Stretched (91st), and Khanada (96th) weren’t so lucky ⁠— with the latter not even getting a kill across the four games he played.


FNCS Season 3 NA-East Top 10 final placements

Place Player Points Prize Money
1 OA Coop 59 $50,000
2 Klass 53 $35,000
3 Xccept 48 $30,000
4 bugha 46 $25,000
5 nanolite 44 $19,000
6 Xen Till 42 $12,000
7 OA Whofishy 41 $9,500
8 illest 41 $6,500
9 PGOD 40 $5,000
10 pure skqttles 40 $4,000

verT edges out Arkhram in FNCS Season 3 NAW

NA-West came down to the wire. verT and Arkhram blew the field away with early wins, but were neck-and-neck heading into the final lobby.

Arkhram almost managed to close the gap between the two but fell just a few eliminations short, giving the win over to verT with 67 points. dfavs rounded out the podium 12 points back.

NRG’s EpikWhale failed to make the top 20, finishing in 23rd with only five eliminations to his name, while Arkhram’s 100T teammate Falconer fell just shy of top 10 despite winning the final game and placing second in another.

FNCS Season 3 NA-West Top 10 final placements

Place Player Points Prize Money
1 XTRA verT 67 $20,000
2 100T Arkhram. 65 $13,000
3 daddy dfavs 55 $10,000
4 clg versace p 54 $7,800
5 FJAA . 54 $5,600
6 PZUHS 50 $4,600
7 EP wavy 46 $4,000
8 Frapai 43 $3,500
9 pure chris 42 $3,000
10 Adity. 39 $2,000