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Fortnite floating island tracker: Where is it going and what is it doing now?

Published: 3/Oct/2018 10:43 Updated: 4/Oct/2018 10:00

by Ross Deason


Fortnite’s mysterious floating island that rose out of Loot Lake at the start of Season 6 continues to leave fans and players guessing about what it will do next.

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The island is one of the corrupted areas of the map that appeared in the game at the beginning of the season, and is the most interesting by far.

Shortly after appearing, the floating land mass began to move ponderously around the map towards the final rune that the cube visited last season before melting into Loot Lake.

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Once it arrived at the corrupted area of ground near Pleasant Park, an event took place that saw another smaller island emerge from the ground before merging with the main island and making it event bigger.

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After moving on, it left a number of craters behind that throw players into the air. It is currently uncertain what exactly will happen next, but it appears to be heading towards Greasy Grove as of October 3 and the V6.01 patch.

This goes against the theory with the most public backing, which is that it will continue to visit each of the runes in reverse order to when the cube visited them. If it was to do this, the next location would be the corrupted area near Lazy Links, but it seems to be heading towards the one next to Shifty Shafts instead.


Update 1:

The floating island has now arrived at the corrupted area near Shifty Shafts and appears to be going through the same procedure that it did with the first rune, creating craters and lifting a new piece of island out of the ground:

Some fans believe that the floating island will eventually move to Dusty Divot and fill in the crater, but there is currently no evidence to support that particular theory.

We will continue to update this post with the floating island’s movements as they happen.