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This ‘Custom Games’ menu concept for Fortnite would be an amazing addition to the game

Published: 21/Sep/2018 14:44 Updated: 21/Sep/2018 14:50

by Ross Deason


A forward-thinking Fortnite fan has come up with an interesting new concept that would see a ‘custom games’ menu with numerous features added to the game.

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Submitted by Park0 on Reddit, the new concept would provide players with a separate menu that is completely devoted to custom games.

Park0 shows that custom games could be saved and loaded at will, and even pinned to the top of a custom games server list if needed.

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In the “create match” section, players would be able to choose a variety of different rules, ranging from the number of players allowed in the game to the speed at which the storm closes in.


Players would even be able to choose whether various items and weapons would be included in the game – meaning that competitive rulesets could be applied if players wanted to veto certain things.

Animated Custom Game Concept (More info in the comments) from r/FortNiteBR

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Park0 used Overwatch as his inspiration for the design, stating “think about Overwatch Custom Game, you can fully customize your match making fun gamemodes for everyone, while Blizzard also uses it for championships. If any important event is happening (Like as Summer Skirmish) it will be stickied to the top and you could spectate the entire match, if a friend is playing, his match will be on top of normal matches.”


He even says that some modes could be loaded from a list of presets, like the Getaway LTM, or perhaps Close Encounters:

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Fully custom games have been at the top of the wish list for thousands of Fortnite fans for a number of months, and the introduction of Playground mode was the first step towards achieving that goal.

However, Epic Games have showed no sign that they will be expanding upon Playground for the foreseeable future.