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Fortnite devs respond to game-breaking car glitch that’s killing drivers

Published: 12/Aug/2020 3:14 Updated: 12/Aug/2020 3:15

by Andrew Amos


A new Fortnite vehicle glitch has emerged in Season 3, randomly killing drivers as they cruise around the map. Epic have responded to the myriad of complaints though, and are looking into a fix.

Fortnite’s joy rides have been a pain to deal with so far in Season 3. They’ve taken to the skies unintentionally, players have been able to keep them running with infinite fuel, and that’s only the surface of some of the glitches.

While most of them haven’t been too game-breaking, a new one that has surfaced certainly is. Players are being dragged out of their cars and killed while still driving. The worst of all, it’s almost impossible to know when it’ll strike.


Whiplash in Fortnite
Epic Games
The Whiplash car in Fortnite seems to be killing players randomly.

Numerous players have uploaded clips of their random deaths to Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. There are some common themes between the random vehicle deaths though.

First of all, all the clips Dexerto has been able to uncover involve the Whiplash. The sports car may go fast in Fortnite, but it could also quickly lead to your death through this glitch. The Bear, Mudflap, and the Prevalent haven’t been affected.

Most of the sudden deaths take place at Pleasant Park, although there was one instance of it happening at Lazy Lake. Often it involves players running into terrain then falling through the map, or just dying on collision.


New vehicle, new bug that instant kills you from r/FortNiteBR

While this could be due to the cars being low health, most of the deaths happened while the Whiplashes were fully fortified. It just seems like an indiscriminate glitch that could strike at almost any time around Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or another major POI.

Epic have responded to the glitch on Reddit stating that while they don’t have a fix yet, the team is currently looking into one. “If anyone is able to reproduce it, please immediately report it via the in-game Feedback button after encountering it,” said ‘EpicBoaty’ on Reddit.

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There’s currently no timeline for when this glitch will be fixed. It’s also unclear whether Epic will disable the Whiplash ⁠— or all cars ⁠— to fix the bug. Epic did take the drastic step of disabling boats to fix an infinite item glitch, so they could do the same here.


For now though, if you pick up a Whiplash, be careful when cruising around Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake. It might also being worth finding another car to ride around in, in case you become an unlucky victim to this glitch.