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Fortnite Christmas skins are confusing players in hilarious ways

Published: 23/Dec/2019 2:49 Updated: 23/Dec/2019 8:41

by Brad Norton


The holiday spirit is running wild across Fortnite, and devious players have been using Christmas-themed skins to catch their opponents completely by surprise.

‘Tis the season for snowball fights and candy canes as a Christmas themed takeover is in full effect throughout the world of Fortnite. While certain skins in the Winterfest event have leaked ahead of release, dedicated players have been devising hilarious new methods of using trusty old skins.

With parts of the map redesigned for the duration of the event to more closely resemble a winter wonderland, players have been tricking the competition by dressing in holiday-appropriate costumes and in an attempt to blend into the environment, with surprisingly good results.


Epic Games - FortniteFortnite’s Winterfest event is reportedly set to last until January 6.
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Retail Row is one such area in Fortnite that has been given a charming Christmas makeover. Presents are scattered across the floors, festive lights are hanging from every corner and candy canes are propped up on a number of walls inside the numerous stores.

Christmas nutcracker statues are prevalent throughout the area as well, and while they stand slightly taller than player models, the figures can certainly throw players off for a moment. 

Utilizing this to their advantage, one crafty player stood perfectly still among the various decorations in Retail Row and amusingly caught their opponent by surprise, spreading holiday joy via one well-timed shotgun blast to the dome. 


I truly thought he was a decorative mannequin at first :/ from FortNiteBR

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Running through the store and scavenging loot, Reddit user ‘KeyAisle’ was among the final 50 players in the lobby and figured that this particular store on the map was free from opposition since nothing had been touched.

Taking only a few seconds to loot the shop, the player quickly turned around and was ready to head out of the store before noticing a new gingerbread man decoration. Assuming that the enemy was in fact a ‘decorative mannequin,’ they got up close in order to take a better look.

Realizing just a moment too late that the sneaky gingerbread figure was actually an opposing player, one swing of the pickaxe was all they could manage before being being blasted by the hilariously cheeky enemy, who showed incredible patience to wait before making hthier move on the unsuspecting player.


Epic Games - FortniteRetail Row isn’t the only area of Fortnite that has been redesigned in such a festive way.
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While this trick is undeniably hilarious and could catch any unaware player by surprise, be sure to have an appropriate Christmas skin employed if you’re looking to pull it off yourself. Any traditional Fortnite skin would be easy to spot, and see you get taken care of relatively quickly. 

Despite this, it’s clear that Christmas-themed outfits can actually give you the upper hand in combat if used in the right manner. You’ll have to be extra vigilant for sneaky enemies for the remainder of the Winterfest event.