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Fortnite chicken glitch gives players infinite jump boosts

Published: 20/Mar/2021 15:58

by Julian Young


While Fortnite Season 6 kicked off with a bang, Epic’s latest iteration of the BR is far from glitch-free. A new exploit is allowing players to infinitely spam the new chicken jump ability, resulting in some hilarious aerial acrobatics.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 — otherwise known as Primal — kicked off on March 16 with a unique story mission in addition to the usual map updates, new battle pass, and other seasonal content for players to enjoy.

A large content drop like this is sure to introduce some unexpected bugs and glitches. Players are already finding ways to break the new version of Fortnite, including some exploits that are giving players a chance to grind out crazy amounts of currency.


It turns out that yet another in-game exploit has been discovered, this time involving one of the animals added in the BR’s new season: chickens. This bug gives players a permanent boost to their jumping ability, resulting in some crazy antics and potentially game-breaking advantages.

Fortnite Season 6 Animals Boar Wolf Chicken
Epic Games
Players have already discovered ways to break Fortnite’s animals in Season 6.

Infinite jump exploit

In a video posted to the game’s subreddit, one player shared their experience with the hilarious chicken glitch. In the clip, their character can be seen running along while holding a chicken above their head, and taking advantage of the animal’s unique jump boost ability.

The clip took an unexpected turn, however, when the chicken suddenly disappeared, but the player continued to experience the same jump boost that the animal provided before. At first the player wasn’t fully aware of the strange occurrence, but quickly realized what was going on.


“I think the chicken just glitched,” they explained to their teammate, and continued “Yeah, there’s no chicken but I [still] have the chicken [jump] ability.” The player showed off just how broken the glitch could be as they quickly climbed the Spire, and totally outpaced the game’s regular movement.

I didnt know this would happen when I held a chicken for so long (also at the end I climb the spire with the glitch and ziplines) from FortNiteBR

The community on Reddit also enjoyed the clip, and several players joked about how broken the bug could be if used effectively. “Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled the following: chicken,” one user joked, predicting a quick correction of the glitch by Epic.

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While other exploits introduced in Season 6 (like the gold bar glitch) have less of an impact on other players, the ability to outmaneuver opponents is core to the Fortnite experience, and players can likely expect the jumping bug to be patched out by the developer soon.


New glitches will pop up less frequently as the game settles into a more balanced state, but players are certainly finding ways to exploit the BR’s new content in the meantime. Stay tuned for updates from Epic as they work to restore the game’s proper pecking order in Season 6.