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Fortnite pro Bugha’s social media hacked right after winning World Cup

Published: 28/Jul/2019 23:37 Updated: 1/May/2020 17:08

by Brent Koepp


Fresh off of winning the Solos tournament at the $30 million Fortnite World Cup, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf unfortunately got his Twitter and Twitch accounts hacked.

Bugha pulled off the performance of a lifetime on July 28, becoming the first ever solos Fortnite Cup World champion.

The 16 year-old was celebrating being able to take home the massive $3 million prize, when his Twitter and Twitch accounts were suddenly hacked, locking him out of the platforms.

Shortly after the 16-year-old Fortnite pro was crowned champion, strange tweets began appearing on his Twitter account.

“Follow @perocet @_eclan” one of them said. “Follow @perocet @_eclan we in the vip lounge dropping dom p bottles live stream in 10 following 100 back in an hour” read the second.


TwitterBugha’s account was hacked.

A retweet was also posted from July 9, which said “**** egirls” and contained a screenshot of a girl’s Twitter profile.

Twitter: bughaThe hacker also retweeted a tweet bashing “e-girls.”

His Twitch was hacked too

Shortly after his Twitter account was hacked, his Twitch account was compromised too. Despite the account broadcasting live, a single image was displayed which said “Follow @percocet / @bug on twitter for a follow off bugha”

TwitchBugha’s Twitch was hacked too.

FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill posted a tweet showing that the Twitch account had been used to gift him subs: “Yo @bugha thanks for the 100 gifted subs. @Twitch think my mans is hacked.”


Bugha responded on Instagram

Bugha responded to the hack and posted on his Instagram story, saying: “My Twitter account has been hacked, those tweets are not mine.”

Instagram: BughaBugha posted an Instagram story after his Twitter was compromised.

Thankfully for Bugha, whoever compromised the accounts didn’t do much with them, besides asking his many followers to follow two random accounts.

Bugha’s fans weren’t happy

Fans of the 16-year old Fortnite champion were not too thrilled with his accounts being hacked, as they replied to the unwelcome tweets with universal anger.

Many users mocked the hacker, accusing them of being an amateur for picking such an easy target. Most were just mad that it happened so soon after his hard earned win.


People were not happy.

“Imagine hacking someone to get followers and still not getting any” one person laughed.

“Imagine being bugha and just playing the game and winning millions like holy god congrats bugha” another replied.

As of right now, it’s unclear whether the two accounts have any relation to the hacker as they contain very little information. We’ll update you if any more information develops.