Fortnite Appears in the World Cup Final Match Thanks to French Star Footballer – Dexerto

Fortnite Appears in the World Cup Final Match Thanks to French Star Footballer

Published: 15/Jul/2018 19:48 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 14:32

by Vincent Genova


French Football star Antoine Griezmann continued his Fortnite inspired celebrations and brought the “Take the L” dance to the biggest stage in sports, the World Cup final.

Griezmann was involved in the opening goal for France, but no one was quite sure who actually scored it so dancing did not follow.

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There was no doubt about France’s second however, as Griezmann scored on a penalty and ran into the corner to bring Fortnite into the World Cup.

France would go on to win the match and secure football’s biggest prize by a score of 4-2. No more Fortnite dances appeared after the two additional goals.

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Fans of the French star were not surprised to see the ‘Take the L’ dance as Griezmann has been doing it for sometime at his club team, Athletico Madrid.

He also performed the celebration earlier in the tournament against Argentina, but the World Cup Final surely brought in a larger audience.

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Fortnite and football are both enjoying global popularity so it was no surprise to see the two games involved with one another.

English player Harry Kane revealed that their national team passed the time in Russia by playing Fortnite, though unfortunately the only thing coming home for Harry is his Xbox.

Kane and teammate Deli Alli even teamed up with streamer Ninja back in May before the World Cup started.