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First in-game footage of new Port-a-Fortress in Fortnite

Published: 18/Sep/2018 17:18 Updated: 18/Sep/2018 17:24

by Calum Patterson


The newest item addition to Fortnite in the v5.41 update is the ‘Port-a-Fortress’ – a much improved version of the classic Port-a-Fort – which now gives you a complete castle like build in seconds.

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The Port-a-Fort itself was originally a pretty contentious addition, as some players thought that it would take away from the skill needed to build effectively, a basic component of Fortnite.

But it has now been in play for months, and those initial concerns have died down. This new Port-a-Fortress however, really takes it to a new level. Here is some of the earlier footage of it in action, thanks to u/TheOspo.


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Although the response hasn’t been as negative as when fans first saw the original Port-a-Fort, some players are still concerned about the power of the new Port-a-Fortress.

One player comments “it gets built instantly unlike the normal P-a-F, which makes it harder to destroy”, while others commented on how frequently it is used in the 50v50 game mode, providing instant cover and high ground advantage for lots of enemies.

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The issue with it being ‘built’ instantly is that each of the walls is at 100% structural integrity. Typically, when a metal wall is placed, it takes a few seconds for the wall to fully complete it’s build once placed, and in those seconds it can be destroyed more quickly by bullets.

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As another Reddit user points out, the build itself uses the materials equivalent to 1090 metal, which is more than it is possible for a single player to carry in their inventory plus twelve bounce pads.

To counter the effectiveness of the Port-a-Fortress, Epic will have likely made the spawn rate pretty low, so they should be pretty rare.